About Us

We are passionate about computers and electronics.

We provide variety of services related to computers, such as:

  • Computer upgrade (RAM, Processors) or just getting a new one
  • Harddisk, there is never enough space to store your junk (ahem), I mean data.
  • Network storage and backup, you never think about backing up until you lost your data. Automatic backup your phone data while you sleep
  • LAN & Wireless setup, ensure all your devices working seamlessly, make sure your TV can stream from your media center
  • Windows, Mac or Linux problem? we can help with that too.
  • Want to setup a website for business or personal but not sure where to start? we can get you up and running whether it is e-Commerce site, blogging site, content management site or anything to suit your need. We can help you select the hosting that doesn't break your bank.
  • If you need some advice on what to buy iPhone or Android, Mac or PC or Linux, or help you decide on which gadget that suit your need, or which software to use, we can help too. Most of our advice is free of charge. It is just a phone call away.

There is nothing like things that works automagically like clockworks.