Connecting Touch sensor to Bluetooth Amplifier

By snorlaxprime
TTP223 Touch sensor

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New year of 2019, this will be my first post of 2019. I hope you had a great start of the year.

I had discovered a capacitive touch sensor TTP223 which simulate a switch function by “touch”, it is using the capacitive of your hand or any other organic matter to allow the switch function. It can be configured to as “Toggle” or “On/Off”.

I recently post a review about various Bluetooth Amplifier that I had been testing. And the CSR8635 Dual 5W Bluetooth Amplifier had a particular interesting feature where you can “Skip” tracks, “Vol+” Vol-“, “Play/Pause” which also double up as “Pick up” call function. The problem with this is the Switch needs to connect each function to the “common” connection. So I am trying to experiment whether this will work using the touch sensor above.

Touch Sensor and Bluetooth Amplifier

The picture on the left shows how the functionality of the touch sensor. When the touch area is being touch, it will connect the I/O pin to the Vcc. While the Bluetooth Amplifier switch needs to connect the “Next” pin to the “common” pin. After some research the common pin is connected to Vcc. So I wonder whether I can connect the I/O pin straight away to the “Next” pin. So I had experimented using the circuit below, and it seems to work ok.

Connecting the Touch Sensor to Bluetooth Amplifier control pins

So I had connected a 10K ohm resistor to limit the current that flow from Vcc of the touch sensor to the Bluetooth amplifier. It seems to be working ok at this stage. I had connected 2 pin, the “Next” pin and “Play/pause” pin. Both seems to work ok.

You can see the final connection in the following picture.

Touch sensors connected to Bluetooth Amplifier controls

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