Hacking Windows XP with MS17_010 exploit

By snorlaxprime

Here are the steps to exploit MS17_010 in Windows XP. Please use this as educational purposes only. Here are the setup of the virtual environment. We are only going to be using KALI linux ( to exploit Windows XP (

Step 1. Login to Kali Linux

Login to your Kali linux directly or access them via ssh. Then type the following

This will load the metasploit framework as shown in the following picture

Step 2. Load the Eternal exploit

From the msf5 console above type the following command

Once you see the list of exploit, select option 4 by typing

Step 3. Load the information for the host and perform the exploit

Type the following command one after another to :

The command above will perform the exploit and inserting a username “hacker” with password “password” into the XP machine with IP address of

Step 4. Validate the successful hack by terminal service to the XP machine

Now that the attack had been completed successfully we can use the following command to login to the XP Machine

You should be able to login successfully as shown in the following picture.

I hope you like this post, for the detail instruction you can watch the following video