Upgrade PS3 3.55 KMeaw to 4.55 Rogero

By snorlaxprime

It’s about time to update my PS3 with from 3.55 to 4.55, so here are the steps.

Tools We’ll Need:

  1. 1 USB thumb drive (FAT32 formatted)
  2. WinRAR (official site)
  3. Rebug Toolbox (official site) (my download)
  4. eID_Root_Key Dumper (official site) (my download)
  5. 4.55 Rogero Update (official site) (my download)
  6. MultiMan (official site) (my download)


  • CEX – Customer bought PS3 (from BestBuy, Target, Amazon, etc.)
  • DEX – Developer edition PS3 (NOT bought in a retail store)
  • CFW – Custom Firmware
  • OFW – Original Firmware (directly from Sony)
  • MFW – Modified Firmware (usually interchangeable with CFW)

USB Prep-Work:

  1. Download Rogero 4.55, MultiMan,  eID_Dumper, and Redbug Toolbox from any of the above links
  2. Insert USB stick into computer
  3. On USB Stick, create folder called “PS3″
  4. Inside PS3 folder create folder called “UPDATE”
  5. Open Rogero archive (.RAR file) and drag the .PUP file to the Update folder; close archive when done
  6. On your PC, rename the file to “PS3UPDAT.pup”
  7. Open Multiman archive and extract .pkg file to root of USB Stick (which means don’t put pkg file in PS3 or UPDATE folder); close archive when done
  8. Open eID_Root archive and extract .pkg file to root of USB Stick; close archive when done
  9. Open Rebug Tookbox archive and extract .pkg file to root of USB Stick; close archive when done
    1. NOTE: downloading pkg’s from other sites might not be archived; either way you get them, you want .pkg on the usb stick
  10. Remove USB stick from computer


Flash Dump & QA-Mode:

  1. Insert USB stick into PS3, using the RIGHT USB SLOT on the front of the PS3
  2. Boot up PS3
  3. Under Games, scroll down to “Install Packages”
  4. Install Rebug Toolbox package
  5. Launch Rebug Toolbox after install
  6. Accept note (if it appears) that not all options are available to you
  7. Go all the way tot he right “UTILITIES”
  8. Toggle QA Flag – Set to ENABLED
  12. Scroll to the left and do a full-restart of system
  13. After restart, shut down system


We’re dumping the eid key in case at some point in the future we should ever want to convert to a DEX system.

  1. Boot up PS3, ensuring USB stick is in right usb slot
  2. Under Games, scroll down to “Install Packages”
  3. Install eID_root……package
  4. Launch eID_root_Key
  5. Screen will go black
  6. System will reboot
  7. At this point, there is a file you need to acquire on your internal hard drive; either FTP or use MultiMan to retrieve the files.
  8. Launch Multiman (assuming you have it on your PS3)
  9. Launch Multiman file browser
  10. Navigate to /PS3ROOT/dev_hdd0/tmp/
  11. Copy the file “eid_root_key”
  12. Paste it to /dev_usb0/ or whatever your USB drive is listed as
  13. Navigate to “PS3ROOT/dev_hdd0/game/
  14. Copy the folder “FLTZ00010″ and paste to your USB stick
    1. Note, this is for 4.50 but is available in 3.55
    2. I copied it out just as a “just in case” instance
  15. Exit Multiman, power down PS3

Change Firmware to 4.55:

  1. Turn on PS3, making sure USB Stick is in front right usb slot
  2. Delete all homebrew packages
  3. Go to SystemUpdate, From Storage Device, and install Rogero 4.55 from USB Stick
  4. System will probably reboot
  5. Install MultiMan

If you have any problems, check out the developer’s site.

For help Downgrading from OFW4.55 (with Flasher) Please refer to this thread.

For help Downgrading back to CFW3.55 from any CFW Please refer to this thread.