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RFID enabled tag

This RFID enabled tag tutorial show a simple RFID circuit that connects to Arduino. The circuit will detect the RFID card and play a simple tone on the speaker when the registered card is tapped and will play another tone when un-registered card is tapped.

RFID with speaker1

I had stumble across a simple circuit to simulate RFID lock and unlock via Instructables from educ8s and his website. So I used his code with little modification and added my own code from the previous post on simple Super mario speaker song, and this circuit was born.

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The simplest Mario speaker song circuit

The other day I stumble upon a simple circuit to create a speaker song. So naturally I try it out and it seems to be quite simple, but it was the sponge bob theme song, so I thought what a boring song. I want a more fun song, and what is more fun and nostalgic than the super Mario theme song, and I manage to find another blog post on Super mario theme song. I analysed the code and found a few improvement that can be made, so naturally I modify the code and factoring he function call. So the Mario speaker song was born.

So here are the circuit connection diagram:

You only need to connect the speaker to GND and another through 1K resistor through pin 3 of the arduino. Once done, you can upload the following code. Continue reading The simplest Mario speaker song circuit