MP3 Player plugin for WordPress

By snorlaxprime

I wanted an MP3 player that will play an MP3 file automatically when the page load. So I manage to get ChatGPT to create the plugin for me.

Here are the instruction to install the plugin.

Step 1. Download the MP3 Player plugin

You can download the plugin through the following link

Step 2. Load your MP3 file as one of your media files

Go to the Media section of your WordPress and click on “Add New” to load your background music. You should see the following page:

You can either click on “Select Files” to find your background music or drag and drop your background music mp3 file into the box with broken lines.

Step 3. Load the MP3 Player plugin in your plugin section

Go to your Plugins section in WordPress and click on “Add New” Button at the top, then click on “Upload Plugin”, the following page should appear:

Click on “Choose File” and load the “MP3 Player” plugin. Once loaded, click on “Install Now” button. You should see the “MP3 Player” plugin in the list, click on “Activate” button to activate the plugin.

Step 4. Load your MP3 file to autoplay

Navigate to the page where you want your mp3 file to play automatically and put the following code using the “[/] Shortcode” block:

[mp3_player src="http://the_url_for_your_music/background_music.mp3"]

Publish the page and when you navigate to the page this should load your music automatically.

Enjoy the music, and please let me know if you are having any issue with this plugin.