Emergency recovery shell in berryboot

By snorlaxprime

Every now and again you would experiment with things in raspberry pi, in this instance I am playing around with the wall display called Dakboard, so I modify the config.txt file /boot, and because I had berryboot, it freak out and drops to “emergency recovery shell”.

In order to restore the config.txt file do the following in the command line, because berry boot doesn’t have  /boot partition by design we will have to create one:

cd /
mkdir boot
mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /boot
vi /boot/config.txt

At this point you can edit the config back to the original or restore it from the backup (what? you didn’t make a back up?)

Once you restore it to the original, you will have to unmount the boot partition back using

umount /boot

Then reboot by using the Ctrl + Alt + Del key or power cycle the pi. This should then boot back to berryboot gui for you to perform any changes.