How to unprotect Excel workbook if you don’t have the password

By snorlaxprime

This method only works for Excel in .xlsx format. Hence, if your Excel workbook is in .xls format, just open it and then save it as .xlsx format.
Step 1: Change the Excel file name extension from .xlsx to .zip. Just click on Yes to make sure when prompted.

Step 2: Open the ZIP archive as 7-ZIP. Open the folder xl->worksheets and you can see threesheet.xml files. Select the sheet1.xml file inside the xl>worksheets directory. Right click on it and select Edit. Choose to open it withNotepad.

Step 3: Delete the tag beginning with sheetProtection. Then save and close the sheet1.xml file.

Step 4: Update the modified sheet1.xml file in the ZIP archive when prompted. Then close the ZIP archive.

Step 5: Repeat Step 2 for sheet2.xml, sheet3.xml … for all the sheet that is protected.

Step 6: Change the ZIP fie name extension back to .xlsx. At this point, the Excel sheet has been unprotected. Open it and you can edit the sheet without password.

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