IoT Temperature Sensor With ESP8266

Just posted the instruction on how to make IoT temperature sensor with ESP8266 in Instructables.The sensor used is LM35 which connects to Analog AD0 of the ESP8266. The ESP8266 will act as a webserver as well as posting the temperature value to the cloud for external access. Temperature reading is done every couple of minute.


You can check the temperature in my lounge room here.

4 thoughts on “IoT Temperature Sensor With ESP8266”

  1. Paolo says:

    Hi, I’ll found this project great, simple to do, but a real great idea. If I may, I’ve a question: at the first boot, the esp8266 starts as AP and once configured it restarts and try to connect to the router using the configured wifi parameters.If I need to configure again the wifi parameters (i.e.I’ve changed router psk key) what do I need to do to let the esp8266 to start as AP again? Thank you in advance. Paolo

    1. snorlaxprime says:

      Hi Paolo,
      If you changed the wifi password, the esp8266 will fail to connect and it should blank out the ssid and psk and refer back to AP mode again. You can then connect to it and reassign the ssid and psk key.
      SSID config

      1. Paolo says:

        Thank you snorlaxprime. If I understood, if it fails to connect to wifi it automatically restart in AP mode. Great. Thank you again

        1. snorlaxprime says:

          Yes, Correct. I had several version of the Arduino code since this one, so if you find that it is not working the way I had explain it, please let me know.

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