WordPress site stuck in maintenance mode

By snorlaxprime

When you are doing some maintenance, e.g.: updating the plugin on your wordpress site, it will automatically set the maintenance page. This is done by setting the .maintenance file in your root directory of the wordpress site. If the update timeout or if you accidentally goes out from the admin page while the update is still going, your site will be stuck in maintenance mode. And showing the following message:

Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in minute

To fix this issue you can delete the .maintenance file from the root directory of your wordpress via ftp into your wordpress site.

jetpack update issue

If you are in the middle of updating the “jetpack” plugin, there are chances that the site will not work after deleting the .maintenance file. To fix this second issue, delete the jetpack folder in your wordpress plugin directory. This is usually located in

  • wp-content
    • plugins -jetpack