How to remove all Mac “._” files from a Network Drive

By snorlaxprime

So many of us Mac users have experienced a time where we’re browsing Web Access and discover what appears to be duplicate files that all start with ‘._’

These files are created automatically in Finder on your Mac (Finder metadata) and won’t show up in Finder when viewing your Jungle Disk Network Drive or any of your local drives either. However, they do show up on Windows PCs and also in Web Access and this can create confusion and result in some strange support conversations.

The most common question we receive about these files is “How do I get rid of them?”
Much like Linux, Macs have the ‘find’ command. This powerful command has the ability to recursively delete files that meet search parameters in a directory path.

Note: Terminal is located under /Applications/Utilities/Terminal

The format of this command is going to be: find /Volumes/[your-online-disk-name] -name “._*”

So here’s an example, using my Online Disk, which is called “Storage”

EXAMPLE: find /Volumes/Storage -name “._*”

Running the find command in this way will output all files on your Online Disk starting with “._” to your terminal window. This command is recursive, which means that this will also identify files in your subfolders.
After you’ve confirmed that the command was run appropriately and you’re not seeing any references to directories outside of your Online Disk, it’s safe to re-run the command (but this time, include the -delete flag)

EXAMPLE: find /Volumes/Storage -name “._*” -delete