Light Saber build part 1

Today is May Day, so I though to prepare and finish off my Light Saber build that had been sitting in my shelf for quite sometime. The idea is not new and the circuit is a modification of an existing circuit build by someone else. So it is not by any means original but still fun to build.

So here is the circuit, it is using Arduino nano as the “brain” and MPU6050 gyroscope to detect the movement. It also being equipped with DFPlayer mini for the light Saber effect. The light is using addressable LED strip (WS2811).

I had manage to wire up the circuit by recycling my previous build of Frankenbot. I have not wire up the LED and the gyroscope just yet, this is to ensure that everything is working before moving on to the next part.

Here are the Video of the special effects turning on and off. Stay tune for the part. If you like this, please subscribe and share the content.

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