Light Saber Build Part 2

By snorlaxprime

This is the continuation of the Light Saber Build Part 1. You can check the previous post to see where I am up to. Just a quick recap from Part 1. I am connecting the DPPlayer to the Arduino Nano and also the saber on-off switch which is connected to D3 and ground as shown in the following circuit.

The next part is to connect the Gyro MPU6050 and the LED strip WS2811. My LED strip consist of 20 controller, each controller is controlling 3 LEDs. Before putting everything together in the case, we are testing to make sure the strip are lighting up properly and also when there is a sudden movement or “a hit” the hit sound effects are being played.

You can see the test result in the following video.

Things to note about the feature of the light saber:

  • Sound effect for saber on and off
  • Switching lightsaber colour when the button are pressed 3 times when the lightsaber is on
  • Toggle the humming sound effect on and off when the button are pressed 5 times when the lightsaber is on
  • Humming sound and special effects when the lightsaber hit an object or there is a change in the angle

The sound effects can be downloaded here.

The sound effects are played using DFPlayer library.

Once we tested that the lightsaber are functioning correctly, as per the feature that we want, it is time that we put the case together. I found that this is the most difficult part to get the right combination for the part. I am a big believer in recycling, so I am trying hard to find some spare parts that are lying around that can be used to build the lightsaber. Stay tune for the next write up on the lightsaber case.

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Here is the link to the Part 3 of the lightsaber build.